Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Koh Metalic Green Swatches

Hi lovelies,

Today I have some amazing swatches for you guys. Have a look at swatches of this nice KOH polish 127 Metalic Green!

More pictures after the jump!

Last week I went shopping with my mom to Brugge and we had a brilliant day! We went by train and before we went home we quickly went in search for something we hadn't found in Brugge. We didn't find it (it was a lovely bronzer) but look what I stumbled upon!
Ici Paris XL (a makeup store in Belgium and France too I believe) were having a dumping sale. Lots of products were going at a huge discount. In total I bought 4 products for 27 euros. Not much for my buck you would say, but these are higher end products than you would normally find on this blog but also a little different from what hema, kruivat, essence, catrice and the likes offer.
I bought 2 KOH colours! polishes which normally sell for about 10 euros. As you can see I only paid 5 for 1 so 10 for both bottles. I also bought a plumping lip pencil from Fusion Beauty. The full name is, hold on : Fusion Beauty LipFusion Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plumping Pencil! Isn't that a mouthful! I paid 10 euros for this, but a quick surf round the web told me it normally goes for something between 10 and 30 dollars.
Last I bought an eau de colllonge but with a twist. It's called Eau des Minimes and it's a sample/ travel size. I bought it for 2 euros instead of 9.

But enough twaddle, here's some more pictures:

The formula is nice. Not to thick not to droopy.  Application wise was as with most holo's: a fight against bald patches. I needed a good 3 coats for most of them to be gone.You might notice the holo effect isn't so pronounced. The pictures were taken in sunlight, but it was overcast. The main reason however was that I'd been wearing the polish for 3 days! Not to bad for a holo!
I did put essence studio nails 24/7 nail base underneath. As with all holo's a base also subdues the effect but it was still pretty good. 
On my other hand I didn't apply a base coat and it wasn't such a happy bunny affair... 
After 1 day my nails looked like this:

You can see the holographic effect is much stronger on this hand. That's the no base coat  and the 2 days less wear for you though.
For the next set of photo's I reapplied one layer over my base coat hand and the holographic effect was much stronger. Add a LED desk light to the mix and the party's on :P

natural light
natural light
LED light
LED light

 I was going to swatch the other KOH polish for you guys as well. It's also a holo and it is the silver colour. I was expecting the polish to be gone after one day as it was with Gosh Holographic Hero and swatch the silver one after but 4 days + one extra layer yesterday to bring out the holo for the pictures later and my mani is still firm in place! I'm really thoroughly impressed! I thought it such a shame to remove it and so the silver will be for another post. And that one is the same whopping formula as this one! I've been wearing that on my toes (in sandals and loafers) for a whopping 5 days! But as most people are a bit squeamish about toes I won't be posting mine here (I don't have such presentable ones as Lilly:( ).

I also will be posting some swatches of the Lip Plumping Pencil (for short).
I know I promised a rituals review and a gold polish parade a while ago, but hold on for a bit longer, they're coming. As it's my last week in Gent I will also go stock up on some Lush and maybe some higher range makeup from IsaDora and L'oreal I've been eyeing up for a while.

What do you guys want to see first?
And have you guys a favourite holographic polish?

Let us know in the comments! We are dying to hear from our readers!!! If you've got random remarks or suggestion also don't be shy to put them up!

Lots of love 

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  1. I told you a LED light works like a charm ;-)