Thursday, 30 May 2013

Press | Illamasqua Immerse Yourself

Hi sweeties,

I have another Illamasqua press release for you today for a line of waterproof make-up they're selling.
They look like 3 very cool products: a gel liner, an eyeshadow palette and a sealing gel you can add to any kind of make-up powder to make it waterproof.

The Press Release

The Products

The gel liner, aptly named Precision Gel Liner, retails for  £ 18 | $ 27,37 | € 21 on Illamasqua's site.

The Paranormal palette retails for  £ 34 | $ 51,70 | € 39,64.

The retail price for the sealing gel is  £ 12,50 | $ 19,01 | € 14,58.

I quite like the idea of a sealing gel and all the possibilities it creates. The gel liner has also caught my eye, seeing as I adore eye liner and I favour liquid and gel liner over a pencil liner. I'm not really sold on the palette, though. The colours are very appropriate for summer, but I'm more of a neutral eye make-up girl.

I've read the reviews for these products and the gel liner and sealing gel are unanimously loved. Not a bad critique in sight. The palette, however, while well-liked for it's texture and pigmentation, has some drawbacks. One of them being that you don't get a lot of product, which considering it's price is quite a failing to me.

Swatches and reviews can be found on the site if you go to the product page (linked above).

Lots of ♥,

Is there anything in the collection that appeals to you? 
Are there any shortcomings that automatically discourage you from buying a make-up product?

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