Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's to come | Swap

Hi sweeties!

A couple of months ago, I contacted Nastassia to do a nail polish swap (my first one!) after finding a post of hers about looking for a swap buddy. After e-mailing back and forth, I send her the package about a month ago.
During the process, I took some pictures (not of everything, I kept forgetting), but seeing as I want it to be a surprise for Nastassia, I'm only showing you a little teaser... ;)

I meant to post this picture a while ago, but I took it right before I shipped the package and the lady at the post office was so rude, I was so upset and it completely slipped my mind. I'd never had anyone treat me like that, as if I was the dumbest person she's ever laid eyes on. Like I said, this was the first time I'd ever send a package and so I was kinda clueless about what needed to be done. Even though I remained polite, she gave me so much attitude: sighing, facepalming (actual facepalming occurred!), giving her colleague these exasperated looks, scolding me like a small child... I really threw me for a loop. It didn't help that when I came home I realised I'd written a spelling mistake in my note to Nastassia!

I tried to wrap everything up safely, so I hope it gets to California soon and in good condition! :)
Once I receive word from Nastassia that she got the package, I'll post the rest of the pictures.  And when I receive my package I'll make a post about too. ;) (I hope it comes soon! Waiting makes me anxious.)

Lots of ♥,

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