Thursday, 18 April 2013

Swap | What I send

Hi sweeties!

I told you in my last post that I was doing a swap and I'd post some of the pictures I took while making my package, once Nastassia had received it. And a couple of days ago, she received it!

Like I said in my last post, I contacted Nastassia to swap polishes that aren't available in our own countries. I really wanted to try some OPI and she really wanted some Catrice and GOSH, so that worked out perfectly! (There were also some other brands she wanted, but that sadly aren't available in Belgium.)
We decided to swap 10 polishes and gave each other a list of some polishes that were on our wishlist. She gave me 7 she wanted and the other 3 were to be a surprise.
I'm sure I bothered her a lot with all my mails, but I was just so excited!

  • Catrice: Oh My Goldness
  • Catrice: King of Greens
  • Catrice: Dirty Berry (probably my favourite)
  • GOSH: Holographic Hero *
  • GOSH: Galaxy *
  • Catrice: Marilyn & Me * 
  • Catrice: Genius in The Bottle *
  • Catrice: George Blueney *
  • Catrice: Steel My Heart *
  • Catrice: Steael My Soul *

* These are the ones she requested.

After searching to get all the ones she wanted (GOSH's Galaxy and Catrice's Marilyn & Me were nearly impossible to find!), I started packing them up and thinking about the polishes I would pick for her. I decided to go with polishes I really love, so I hope she likes them. :) (Dirty Berry has the most adorable, subtle holo I've ever seen.)

I also put some extras in the package, because who doesn't love a lil' extra? ;)
I picked up some other nail stuff: H&M mini polish, Catrice's Quick Dry & High Shine Topcoat and Essence XXL nail thickener; got Nastassia some samples from Rituals and the Bodyshop and bought some earrings from my sister's web shop. (no pictures of these, sorry!) And of course, I added some Belgian chocolate to the package. ;)

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting! I always love reading swap posts and seeing what was sent/received.
I'll make another swap post once I've gotten my package from the post. :)

Lots of ♥,

Have you ever done a swap? What did you swap? Was it a good experience?

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