Saturday, 6 April 2013

New Essence top coats: Glitter me up and Cool Breeze!

Hi lovelies,

I am slowly getting back into some sort of routine so I'm getting to do my nails more often and I've started to get the habit of taking pictures of them. I still need to work on getting them posted though.

These pics were taken right after I did the Mint me up swatches but I only have gotten round to posting them now.

Here's a little tease:

First up: Glitter Me Up by Essence

This is a glitter topcoat as the name kinda gives way. It has mainly silver small glitter and blue and pink bar glitters that change colour with the light. The pics aren't the best quality. I took them at the office where the lighting isn't great. 

It's a fun topcoat but maybe not totally my cup of tea ( speaking about tea. Pickwick's Bosvruchten/ Forest fruits are amazing. My new fave) Maybe for the summer over an other colour, but this combo isn't really rockin my boat.

Next up: Cool breeze by Essence

Well this one I adore! It is so lovely and totally feels like spring (even though there is no sign of spring here in Belgium). The bottle is filled with hexes but I find it really hard to say which colour they are. In some lights they are light green, sometimes they are pink and other times they have a slight yellow tinge to them.

I love this one. It's really subtle and elegant but fun at the same time. The pics don't really show how much they sparkle. It also goes like a dream with Catrice's Mint Me Up.

Which do you prefer? Have you guy's any suggestions about polishes that would go good with these topper?

Lots of Love

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