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New category: Scarlett by Cacharel

Hi lovelies,

Let's introduce a new type of product to review: a fragrance! For the first one I'm going for is Scarlett by Cacharel.

First of I might start with saying that I tend to use the word perfume for every type of fragrance. I know perfume and eau de toilette and body mist and etc aren't the same, but to me they kind of are in the way that they all have the same goal and are used to make you smell good. (I don't feel the same about perfume, eau de toilette and such but I might explain some other time)

I took these pictures a long time ago, wanting to share the experience I had with this product with you guys. But how do you talk about a perfume, which after all is all about smell. Unlike Google wanted us to believe a couple of days ago, smelling your laptop isn't an option.
But to me perfume is the ultimate beauty/luxury product. Out of all of them (make up, polishes, beauty treatments) perfume is the first one I owned loved and used regularly. Even more than make up it makes me feel beautiful and put together. It also has such a vintage feel to it, just putting a bit of the stuff on you wrists an neck.
I can remember my mom an my grandma always putting great care in choosing their perfumes.
My first one was an Oilily one when I was about 10 or 12 and I stuck with that one brand for ages (different scents though). Then I wandered a bit, not really finding anything that I loved and wanted to stick with.
Until my star mom gave me her favourite scent from when she was younger: Anais Anais by Cacharel. This scent has it's ups and downs. It has smelt different over the years and I have loved it an had periods where I wasn't a big fan. On one of these occasions I tried Scarlett. It is so amazing.
Because I'm no good at describing these things and because other sites are way better at it here's a link to a brilliant perfume website that describes the notes and has other peoples reviews on it.

What I can talk about is my experience with it and the bottle, price etc.
So the packaging: as you guys can probably tell this botlle wasn't new. I'd used it a lot when I took these pics, but the packaging is a nice cardboard box with soft coral red/pinkish detailing. It has vintage looking flowers all over the top part of the box and the name on the front of it. The inside of the box is the plain coral kind of colour. The design looks pretty art nouveau-ish. Same with the bottle. Huge white lid what has a lovely relief to it. It really feels very vintage when holding it. The bottle itself is quite small. The name is stamped in the same coral on the top of the glass and it has a very handy vaporizer to spray on the fragrance.
Now price. This is a fickle one. I know we are a budget site but fragrances, perfume and eau de toilette in particular are generally quite expensive. The one's I buy gereraly also come from the specialized stores and aren't so much the ones you can buy at Kruidvat (Oililly and Anais Anais you can get there though). I can't really tell you how much I paid for this bottle because I bought it way back but generally I pay about 30 ish tot 50 euro's. A lot I know but this lasts me ages. I most of the time have 2 or 3 different scents that I alternate between: one I use every day and 2 others for special occasions. Scarlett was my everyday scent until I ran out of it a couple of weeks ago. This bottle lasted me over half a year I suppose. I don't over do it but I'm not careful either. 2 sprays on my neck, one of two on each wrist and one or two on my hair.
My experiece with Scarlett: I love it. It is exactly the kind of scent I like and it's not overpowering but enough  to make me feel a bit more beautiful. I does tend to fade a bit, but it lingers in you clothes for more than a day which I really like. I definitely doesn't leave a perfume cloud trailing behind you, something I really hate. Some women and girls wear such heavy and way to much of a scent it can take your breath away when you're walking (or cycling) behind them. Some guy once said perfume should be something you smell when you are already quite close to someone. I totally agree. It is something so personal and inviting you shouldn't share it with half the world. Perfume is something I wear for me and just the people closest to me. My ultimate luxury.

So to sum it up a bit, I did overdo the typing a bit:

  • Love the scent but that is personal
  • Last long enough
  • Design of the packaging
  • Lasts you a very long time
  • Lingers in clothes
  • Not overpowering
  • Fades a little after some time
  • Little on the pricey side
What do you guys think? Would you like to read more about fragrances in the future? What is your experience with scents? And how much do you tend to spend on it or do you think it's a total waste of money?

Lots of Love

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  1. I'm not really a perfume person, but I AM a packaging person and that bottle is divine! <3