Monday, 1 April 2013

Comparison | Gold/Champagne Foils

A little while back, I bought Makes Me Smile by Catrice on sale. After wearing it (and writing a review), I fell in love! I immediately thought of comparing it to similar polishes, to see if they were dupes. I choose NYC's Full Metal Jacket (which turned out not to be very close) and one of Catrice's new permanent collection polishes: The GlamoureX Factor.

In the bottles, NYC's Full Metal Jacket is the odd one out, being more golden dan champagne coloured. This also transfers to the nails. Even though, in the pictures, the nail polish looks quite similar to The GlamoureX Factor and Makes Me Smile, in real life, there was a very clear difference.

The two Catrice polishes are the closest to being dupes, but as you can see The GlamoureX Factor has a little more copper in it. Though, this is only visible when you're looking at it closely. Just wearing it, you could hardly tell the difference. It's definitely not as dramatic as the pictures make it seem.

Out of these three, Catrice's Makes Me Smile is my favourite. I feel it has the best application, which is completely smooth. Both The GlamoureX Factor and Full Metal Jacket apply less evenly, with Full Metal Jacket being quite goopy. They're also both streaky to a certain extent, but it's less noticable when you put topcoat over it.

I would choose Makes Me Smile over the other two, but if you've missed the NEONaturals Collection that Makes Me Smile was a part of, the next best thing is The GlamoureX Factor.

The GlamoureX Factor
  • champagne with copper
  • opaque after 2 thin coats
  • a little streaky
  • dries quickly
  • permanent collection
Makes Me Smile
  • champagne with a little copper
  • opaque after 2,3 thin coats
  • not streaky at all
  • dries quickly
  • limited edition
Full Metal Jacket
  • gold
  • opaque after 1,2 thin coats
  • streaky
  • dries medium to slowly
  • limited edition
Hope this helps!

Lots of ♥,

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