Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finally: KleanColor promise

 Hi Everyone,

Some time ago, right after the winter exams, I posted a sneak peak of 4 KleanColor polishes. I promised a review about these polishes and I didn’t get around to posting them just yet. As mentioned in previous posts, we were all 3 very busy with our internship and on top of it I photographed a wedding and made some First Communion cards. So I have been very busy.

photo from post January 26, 2013

Last time I took photos of these polishes, it had been snowing outside. This time, spring is finally catching up and the sun is starting to show itself. I took the review photos during sunset, so you can see more of the glitters than you would when photographed in my DIY miniature studio.

You can see them after the jump!

First up is 34 Sparkle Emerald

 34 Sparkle Emerald by KleanColor
At first I was extremely disappointed. How bright the colour is in the bottle, how transparent it is on my nails. I was hoping it to be a little bit more opaque. But unfortunately. Once the disappointment was over (I should have tried it in the shop, I know, but we were in a hurry because it was closing time) I started thinking when would I use this polish? Maybe as a top coat for a bluish polish. You have to look really close to see the glitter, so it doesn’t have much impact. Or maybe I can just wear it as in the picture, when I’m not in the mood to wear colour and just want a protective coat for my nails (yes, they still chip of and split easily). But on with the review.
It applies nicely, there is a good spread of the glitter in one flow. In the picture I applied one coat. Maybe it would get more blue as you apply more coats.
To give this one a rating, I’d say a 6/10 (because the bottle doesn’t reflect the real effect)

Second in line is 89 Starry Night

89 Starry Night by KleanColor
This one belong to my favourites. I’ve worn this one a couple of times and it’s the perfect one for when you can’t decide which polish to use and you don’t want to leave the house without wearing nail polish. I like the rectangular shape of the pink glitter. It gives that something extra to what otherwise would be just a dull  glitter polish which you can find everywhere. It applies nicely, although it can be hard to completely spread out the glitter when there are a lot of them sticking to the brush. In the photo I am wearing one coat of Starry Night. And when turning your hand in the sunlight, the glitter changes colour and can take on any colour of the rainbow.
The rating for this one is a 9/10

The next one is 94 Holo Chrome

94 Holo Chrome by KleanColor
Although the name suggest a superior nail polish, it is just a simple glitter polish.  Appliance is as easy as with other KleanColor polishes, but it’s not a total pain in the butt. In the photo I am only wearing one coat (I was in a hurry to take the pictures, the sun was setting as it was sunset ;-) ). When applying more coats (up to 2 or 3) the result becomes more and more what you see in the bottle.  Then it also doesn’t need a coloured base coat to be opaque. What you can’t really see in the picture is that the glitter does take on of a range of RGB colours (Red, Green and Blue that is), but the overall colour stays blue. The more coats you apply, the darker the blue gets.
This one gets a 7/10

And last but not least 96 Vegas Night

96 Vegas Night
This one is also hard to apply. Sometimes you get a whole load of glitter, other times you get none. It takes a few strokes to spread them somewhat on your nail. I’m not a fan of wearing it without a coloured base coat. It’s more of a glitter top coat than a standalone glitter polish. I can’t really tell you how much coats I applied, considering it’s different for each nail. I just kept applying until I was happy with the spreading of the glitter. It’s consists of blue and purple circular glitter and is a pain to remove. When trying to remove this polish with nail polish remover or remover pads, the glitter just gets everywhere. The glitter will spread on your hands and everything you touch after that. It’s not one of my favourites, but I don’t hate it either. And in case you’re wondering what those stripes are on the caps of the flask, well, it was almost impossible to open this one. Apparantly, it had already been opened and used in the shop and some of the polish had gotten between the cap and the flask. It had dried and made it very hard to open. The stripes are the result of trying to open it with pliers. Which after a few tries, obviously worked ;-).
This last one is a 6/10

So I hope you all liked my reviews. It’s just a description of my personal opinion on these polishes.

Thanks for reading this post, and sorry you had to wait for this long for my post to appear.

See you later,


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