Saturday, 6 April 2013

A little nailart...

Hi lovelies,

I think this will be my last post for today... I've been rather busy, don't you think?
I've been going through the pics I have taken over the last months/ year and I've noticed that there is a lot that I haven't shared with you guys.

This many is a pretty simple one. At the time I had just bought 3 new polishes: Cartice's Steel My Heart, their Steel My Soul and Park Avenue Brussels nr 23 (it doesn't say on the bottle but on the site I found out it's called Persian Green)

I wanted to try them all out and ended up painting one hand in Steel My Heart, the other Steel My Soul (sorry no pics of that, still had the old camera and couldn't take pic with my left hand) and adding a little nail art in Persian Green. The Peter Pan Collar is an old 2B polish in white. I can't realy remember what I used for the buttons, some sort of gold coloured one though.

I love the Persian Green and the Steel My Soul. Those are amazing. I really like Steel My Heart as well but just like the other ones more. I really like the brushed metal effect. Not really brushed metal but a finish I haven't seen on any other polish and really brings out the richness of the colours. Unfortunately they aren't in the collection anymore I think, but next sales they might turn up again as has happened with Catrice polishes before. Persian Green is still available in the shops no probs.

Next up should be swatches of Catrice Sugar Shock LE: Bring Me Peach and Play It Blue or a DIY post.

Lots of Love

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