Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Finally: KleanColor promise

 Hi Everyone,

Some time ago, right after the winter exams, I posted a sneak peak of 4 KleanColor polishes. I promised a review about these polishes and I didn’t get around to posting them just yet. As mentioned in previous posts, we were all 3 very busy with our internship and on top of it I photographed a wedding and made some First Communion cards. So I have been very busy.

photo from post January 26, 2013

Last time I took photos of these polishes, it had been snowing outside. This time, spring is finally catching up and the sun is starting to show itself. I took the review photos during sunset, so you can see more of the glitters than you would when photographed in my DIY miniature studio.

You can see them after the jump!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Swap | What I send

Hi sweeties!

I told you in my last post that I was doing a swap and I'd post some of the pictures I took while making my package, once Nastassia had received it. And a couple of days ago, she received it!

Like I said in my last post, I contacted Nastassia to swap polishes that aren't available in our own countries. I really wanted to try some OPI and she really wanted some Catrice and GOSH, so that worked out perfectly! (There were also some other brands she wanted, but that sadly aren't available in Belgium.)
We decided to swap 10 polishes and gave each other a list of some polishes that were on our wishlist. She gave me 7 she wanted and the other 3 were to be a surprise.
I'm sure I bothered her a lot with all my mails, but I was just so excited!

  • Catrice: Oh My Goldness
  • Catrice: King of Greens
  • Catrice: Dirty Berry (probably my favourite)
  • GOSH: Holographic Hero *
  • GOSH: Galaxy *
  • Catrice: Marilyn & Me * 
  • Catrice: Genius in The Bottle *
  • Catrice: George Blueney *
  • Catrice: Steel My Heart *
  • Catrice: Steael My Soul *

* These are the ones she requested.

After searching to get all the ones she wanted (GOSH's Galaxy and Catrice's Marilyn & Me were nearly impossible to find!), I started packing them up and thinking about the polishes I would pick for her. I decided to go with polishes I really love, so I hope she likes them. :) (Dirty Berry has the most adorable, subtle holo I've ever seen.)

I also put some extras in the package, because who doesn't love a lil' extra? ;)
I picked up some other nail stuff: H&M mini polish, Catrice's Quick Dry & High Shine Topcoat and Essence XXL nail thickener; got Nastassia some samples from Rituals and the Bodyshop and bought some earrings from my sister's web shop. (no pictures of these, sorry!) And of course, I added some Belgian chocolate to the package. ;)

Anyway, I hope you found this interesting! I always love reading swap posts and seeing what was sent/received.
I'll make another swap post once I've gotten my package from the post. :)

Lots of ♥,

Have you ever done a swap? What did you swap? Was it a good experience?

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's to come | Swap

Hi sweeties!

A couple of months ago, I contacted Nastassia to do a nail polish swap (my first one!) after finding a post of hers about looking for a swap buddy. After e-mailing back and forth, I send her the package about a month ago.
During the process, I took some pictures (not of everything, I kept forgetting), but seeing as I want it to be a surprise for Nastassia, I'm only showing you a little teaser... ;)

I meant to post this picture a while ago, but I took it right before I shipped the package and the lady at the post office was so rude, I was so upset and it completely slipped my mind. I'd never had anyone treat me like that, as if I was the dumbest person she's ever laid eyes on. Like I said, this was the first time I'd ever send a package and so I was kinda clueless about what needed to be done. Even though I remained polite, she gave me so much attitude: sighing, facepalming (actual facepalming occurred!), giving her colleague these exasperated looks, scolding me like a small child... I really threw me for a loop. It didn't help that when I came home I realised I'd written a spelling mistake in my note to Nastassia!

I tried to wrap everything up safely, so I hope it gets to California soon and in good condition! :)
Once I receive word from Nastassia that she got the package, I'll post the rest of the pictures.  And when I receive my package I'll make a post about too. ;) (I hope it comes soon! Waiting makes me anxious.)

Lots of ♥,

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A little nailart...

Hi lovelies,

I think this will be my last post for today... I've been rather busy, don't you think?
I've been going through the pics I have taken over the last months/ year and I've noticed that there is a lot that I haven't shared with you guys.

This many is a pretty simple one. At the time I had just bought 3 new polishes: Cartice's Steel My Heart, their Steel My Soul and Park Avenue Brussels nr 23 (it doesn't say on the bottle but on the site I found out it's called Persian Green)

I wanted to try them all out and ended up painting one hand in Steel My Heart, the other Steel My Soul (sorry no pics of that, still had the old camera and couldn't take pic with my left hand) and adding a little nail art in Persian Green. The Peter Pan Collar is an old 2B polish in white. I can't realy remember what I used for the buttons, some sort of gold coloured one though.

New category: Scarlett by Cacharel

Hi lovelies,

Let's introduce a new type of product to review: a fragrance! For the first one I'm going for is Scarlett by Cacharel.

New Essence top coats: Glitter me up and Cool Breeze!

Hi lovelies,

I am slowly getting back into some sort of routine so I'm getting to do my nails more often and I've started to get the habit of taking pictures of them. I still need to work on getting them posted though.

These pics were taken right after I did the Mint me up swatches but I only have gotten round to posting them now.

Here's a little tease:

Monday, 1 April 2013

Comparison | Gold/Champagne Foils

A little while back, I bought Makes Me Smile by Catrice on sale. After wearing it (and writing a review), I fell in love! I immediately thought of comparing it to similar polishes, to see if they were dupes. I choose NYC's Full Metal Jacket (which turned out not to be very close) and one of Catrice's new permanent collection polishes: The GlamoureX Factor.