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Miss Universe and Goldbusters Swatches

Hi lovelies,

I have been away from the blog longer than I'd liked. These last weeks have been a whirlwind of ups and downs. I have a lot of new stuff (=ups) but that means a lot of stuff broke (= downs).
Here's a little tease of what's to come after the jump

Next is a bit of a rant so skip this if you are only here for the swatches :p
The sadest, my beloved Qosmio (laptop, Toshiba one, amazing at every thing you can think of especially being veeeeeeerrrrry heavy) kinda died on me. It still kinda works but most of the time my screen won't pop on. No real use for a pc when you can't see what you're doing right... I was already thinking of getting a new or second hand one because Qosmio is so heavy ( I have to drag it half way across Ghent every day) but I absolutely didn't want anything to happen to it. Unfortunately it did and I was forced to buy a new one. This time it's an Acer and a Russian one... Have no idea how that happened but everything was in Russian. Went back to the shop and after a lot of debating with Acer they gave me a Dutch Windows 8 version. I have to say what a flop that one is... I can see this working nicely on a touchscreen or tablet. I even see myself loving it on a tablet because it looks nice and it has a lot of nice features. But for a pc.... no way. No good!!! I've had to read a manual an inch thick to even get a simple program to start... And the manual was one my dad got together from people how put articles up on the net... It is absolutely a disaster. Stay away from it I would say...
Then the whole of last week I have been incredibly ill. I haven't had a cold this bad since ever. I could hardly breathe let along talk... I was going to post swatches and some older stuff on here but it was already a struggle to do the work things I have to do all day I just couldn't manage it.

But now for the watches

First up: Miss Universe by Essence.

 I really like this colour! It's so sparkly and beautiful.It reminds me so much of a peacock the way it seems to marry that emerald green and vibrant almost electric blue so nicely.
Now since Essence change their bottles and their line last year I haven't been a fan of their polishes. I really hated them and I'm not alone on that one. They had so many things wrong with them: they were gel and I don't like the Essence gel stuff. Their gel topcoat is equally flawed. They are goopey, don't harden ( which leaves you with sheet imprints, finger prints, dents and sorts even hours or days after you've done your nails) Also they chip easily.
Now Miss universe doesn't seem to suffer from the gel sickness. It's consistency is ok, a bit sheer but opaque with two coat, threes is better though. But the chipping... Well  I guess the picture shows really. This was after half a day and all I did was work on my PC. It gets worse:

All this damage was after half a day...
So to summarize: amazing colour, ok formula, durability unfortunately zero
Next up: Goldbusters by Catrice: 

 Goldbusters is a layering polish so it's quite sheer, but still has more colour to it than a topcoat. This picture is what 3 coats of golbusters look like on a bare nail.

 Because I was so dissapointed by the chipping of Miss Universe I decided to see if putting some Catrice (which in my opinon are the 2nd best polishes to absolutely stick to a nail) was going to save the day. Because I had bought Goldbusters in the same haul I wanted to give that a go. I rather liked the results!
Even though it takes away most of that beautiful deep colour and shimmer of Miss Universe it still has a lot of shimmer and depth to it, just of a different kind.

I looked at other people swatching it and some of them have layered it over a black polish, but for some reason that doesn't seem to do much.

It looks rather weird because goldbusters realy has this weird kinda tone to it. It's hard to describe, but over black it seems really dull and nothing special. But over this green it was amazing. The pictures only show it slightly but in real life it is this effect but 10 times over. The light seems to show you different amount of your polishes. When the light hits it, it's almost all gold and shimmer you see, but indirect light lets the base colour shine through and enriches it with minute golden shimmers and slightly bigger coppery golden flecks.


Because black doesn't seem the thing for this polish but a dark polish seems kinda right I thought of this combo: Goldbusters over Saphire Moon by Rituals.

Rituals is the best polish to stay in place and Saphire moon has long since been my fave out of their collection. Saphire moon is a dark blue with a shimmer to it. In different lights it also has a purple tone to it. In indirect light it sometimes can look black.

And this is what it looked like:
I absolutely loved it. I stayed on like a dream and I felt very chic but still playful in a way (just the way I like it). I apologize for the bad condition of my paint job but I wanted you guys to see the difference between the Essence polish and this Rituals-Catrice combo.
This is what my nails looked like after a week with this mani and no topcoat what so ever. I also have been up to a lot more. Watching my hands a lot, washing my hair after a long soak in the bath ( Catrice generally gives out at this point), cooking, messing about...

I know Rituals is majoly expensive. 10 euros a bottle is normaly to much for me but wait for the sales and they drop down to about 5. Still a lot, I know, but Essence and Catrice are catching up I'm afraid. Prices for both brands have gone up, and I can't really say quality has too. Btw Catrice, what were you guys thinking with the new bottles? The look so cheap and flimsy now... The lid is a weeping matter and Laure hates the new glass (were not really sure if it's still glass) bit. But still if the products inside stay good I can live with it but it was a bit sad to see the beloved bottle go.

What do you guys think? Is Rituals worth the money and the wait? The new Catrice bottle: hot or not? And are we the only ones not loving the new Essence formula?

I hope to post again soon. Until then:

Lot of Love

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  1. Ellenore, I also just painted my nails with Sapphire Moon! :D Great minds... ;) I've already taken "no top coat" pics for my review and I'll get some top coat pics and hopelfully sunlight pics tomorrow. I'm gonna try to get the review written and posted somewhere this week. And I'll try to post my foil comparison monday.

    I really like the colour of the Essence polish, but that lack of quality just makes me cringe.

    Love Goldbusters! But I'm trying to be good and limit my polish purchases so I haven't bought this or Mint Me Up yet. Also spend a lot on the swap and shipping and such so... Kinda broke atm. I really dislike the new Catrice bottle too. The brush is ok-ish, but the bottle doesn't feel sturdy enough and then there's the price hike... :(

    Sucks about your computer. I see you're still struggling with Windows 8. I think they're either going to have to change a lot about it or drop the idea as a whole.

    See you soon! Happy Easter!