Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Lip Haul

Hi sweeties,

I've been telling myself I need to go on a no-buy, but I just can't seem to get started on it. Last week, I went to Kruitvat because they had a promo: buy 1 Gosh nail polish, get another one free. Now, usually I never buy Gosh for myself unless they're on sale, because I think € 7,30 is too much for a nail polish (poor student and all that jazz ;) ), so I thought this was the ideal opportunity to get some coveted polishes. Sadly they were almost all sold out and they only had one polish I wanted, so I passed up on that promo.
However, I did buy 4 lip products, that were also in promotion: buy 1, half price on the other lip product. I bought 3 lipsticks and a lip stain. (What is self control?)

More behind the jump. ;)

Ever since my sister bought Get The Nudes Paper! and I tried it on, I've been pining after it and finally I gave in. I also got The World's Grapest, which I had seen in Antwerp. Even without swatching it, I knew I needed to have it. The lip stain Are You Red-y has been really hard to get my hands on, seeing as it was always sold out. But I was finally in luck! So what to get as my 4th item?
I thought I had it in the bag! I was going to buy Gentle Nude Is Back. A nice, sweet nude-ish colour. Perfect! Or so I thought... After coming home with my purchases, I couldn't wait to show off my haul to my mom. Imagine my surprise (and dismay), when I discovered that Gentle Nude Is Back was completely ruined. The inside was squashed and smeared and just a mess.

Saturday I went to the store again to exchange it, and they were lovely and very accommodating. They didn't give me any fuss and I was able to pick a lipstick to exchange. I wanted to get Gentle Nude Is Back again, but this time I checked the inside of each one and all of them were smashed! :( Why would anyone do that?!
So those lipsticks were out... I kept browsing and eventually picked Step Red Up (which is probably my only lipstick without shimmer).

Get the Nudes Paper!

Step Red Up

The World's Grapest

As you can see I've already gotten quite some use out of The World's Grapest. It's very vampy and when I put it on, it immediately looks like I put more effort in my make-up than I have. :D

I'll get some swatches of these soon, and I'll also take some pictures of my lip stain.

While I was at the store, I also looked at the new Catrice nail polishes which have arrived (along with a price hike :(  ). When I saw the polishes, I was immediately intrigued by Robert's Red Ford, The Dark Knight and Mint Me Up. Sadly the lighting on the Catrice displays is always terrible. They never show what the colour
really looks like, but the lighting in the stores usually doesn't help either.

The best solution, I've found for this, is something I like to call the Gosh Method or Gosh Test. For this test, you need a Gosh display nearby. On the Gosh displays, there is always a section on (about) eye height that holds the new products or limited edition. This section has the perfect lighting. I've tested it with polishes I own and this truly gives you the best preview of what the polish looks like in natural lighting.

Using the Gosh Test, I looked at Robert's Red Ford, The Dark Knight and Mint Me Up. Sadly, Robert's Red Ford didn't hold up for me, but The Dark Knight and Mint Me Up held up beautifully! (Mint Me Up looked even prettier!) I haven't tested them all, but polishes that also passed the Gosh Test in my oppinion: The Armee Glow, GlamoureX Factor, Lilactric, Squeeze Me, Vino Tinto and Meet Me À Paris.
I'm definitely going to buy Mint Me Up, so pretty! I've fallen in lust with it. ;D

Other Catrice items that made my To Buy List are the Absolute Eye Colour Quattro in Never Let Me Go and the Intensif´eye Wet & Dry Shadows in Charly's Chocolate Factory, Please Gold The Line, Ninja Purples and Glamourose.
As you can tell, I swatched like a maniac in the store! ;)

Lots of ♥,

PS There's a new Catrice Limited Edition on the horizon that looks promising, as well as a new Essence Trend Edition. ;)

Do you have a price limit for make-up? And if so, what is it?


  1. Nice haul!!! So jealous of step red up an the worlds grapest!
    How childish to ruin every lipstick of one colour... Some people...

    I can tell you Mint me up is fantastic!! That's one of the polishes I bought and swatches are coming up today or tomorrow. I also have glamourExfactor and it's also fab!. I was in doubt about the dark knight! It is so lovely but I had so many others...

    The Intensif eye Wet&Dry Shadows are possibly my favourite make up product ever! I have loved them since I bought Charly's Chocolate Factory over a year ago. I was my everyday eyeshadow for months. Now I have 2 more, one from the previous season (can't remember the name but it's black with copper) and Gold the line. Gold the line is AMAZING! I love gold and it is instant glam on you eyes! Because I'm in love with the Intensif's I needed Gold the line and Glamourose when they came out. I waited with Glamourose because it's such a delicate shade just begin for nice weather, but since spring seems to be in the country (at least this week) I might just go and get it :)

    Love the Gosh test!!! So will remember this for the Ghent store. One thing our local store does seem to have (insead of a second essence shelf) good lighting :P

    Will stop rambling now and start swatching so I can post soon!!!

    Amazing post Laure!!!!
    Mish you too much!!!!

    1. I haven't tried Step Red Up yet, but The World's Grapest is so vampy. And I just love that creamy feeling the lipstick gives your lips.
      People... I was so annoyed. It's not like child did it, cos it would be too high to reach.

      I need to buy Mint Me Up and Essence Cool Breeze, but my bike is in the shop, so... Maybe this weekend though.

      I NEED those eyeshadows... Maybe soon... (as I'm saying about everything! XD I'll probably give in.) If my dad pays me back for my train tickets, I know where that money's going ;)
      BTW there's some kind of promo going on with Gosh and with Catrice atm.

      Thank you, darling! I love your rambling!
      Miss you!

  2. I love The World's Grapest - such a lovely colour. It's one of my favourite lipsticks.
    I'm definitely going to take a look at both of the nude shades you mentioned now!
    I find Maroon to be a really nice shade too; might be worth a look?

    I'm looking forward to reading posts and seeing swatches of the other products you mentioned.
    I love Intensif'eyes in Glamourose and Squeeze Me is one of my new favourites.

    1. I also LOVE The World's Grapest. Instant Va-va-voom. :)
      Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely look into that.

      Sorry I haven't posted those swatches yet. I'm working on it but my camera just isn't picking up the right colour. I'll keep trying though...

      I need to buy Glamourose! It's so pretty.