Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kleancolor Aurora

Hi lovelies,

Time for some long ago promised swatches. Kleancolor! As Lilly said some time ago, we went to zeb and majorly stocked up on this for us unknown brand.

The swatches I have for you today are Aurora. What a lovely name and it goes with a lovely polish. Aurora is a clear polish with mother of pearl like glitters. It's the bottle closest to the camera in the shot above. It has small glitter, hexes and stars. It has a kind of soft pink feel to it, but goes really well as a topper because it is really more neutral on the nail.

In the swatches that follow I'm wearing one coat with one coat of top coat. My nails appear kind of pink/red, but I'm ashamed to say that's because my previous mani (OPI's the spy who loved me - which is amazing! swatches soon to follow) stained my nails.

This is what the bottle looks like.

And here's for the swatches! All pictures were taken by light from my light box as my general lighting is an awful yellow colour.

I hope to get more swatches done soon for you guys.

Lots of Love

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks lovely! And you took great pictures.
    I think I'm gonna need to set up a light box, because the weather's just been terrible and I haven't been able to take decent pictures. :(