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Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux

Hi lovelies,

I know it's been a while since I posted something, but as Laure already mentioned we are super busy with our internships and it has been an exciting few weeks for us. I not only has us totaly out of our comfort zone, but commuting as well. And in Belgium that's a pain when your day depends on trains...

But enough about our transport problems, more about this lovely product I'm going to do a review about.

Bourjois Dissolvant Miraculeux: 1 seconde par ongle, sans cotton. Basicly miricale juice! 1 sec per nail, no cotton balls involved!!!

So a little bit more about this nail polish remover. It's been around since last year I think, if I remember correctly I think it was June or July when it came out. I was quite intrigued by it because on the bottom it says it smells like red fruit and vanilla. A nail polish remover that doesn't smell like a chemical plant, first see (or in this case smell) then believe. I waited a while before puchasing it but I did with some of my holiday money and this is what I thought about it.

First packaging. Doesn't really do it for me at first glance. Just too much info on the label, not a big fan of pink and green either... but the plastic is actually very nice. It rather thick and I can't really describe it other than soft. Not soft as in pliable but soft as in well soft to the touch.
Then for the inside: a black sponge with a whole in it that has 4 slits towards the sides so you finger slides in easily. The sponge is firm but not really dense. It kind of reminds me of the better brand of kitchen sponges. It's quite dry near the top, most of the product sits lower in the bottle and the sponge.

Now for the review:
To be honest 1 second is a little bit on the bright side (like heavy shades bright) but it does do the job pretty quick. It also does wonders on glitter polishes. As some of you might have noticed I have a soft spot for glitter, but it is a pain to get off. This however seemed to be the holy grail at first. Just dipping my finger in waiting a bit (a few seconds) rubbing the nail against the sponge while taking it out and voila nearly all the glitter gone! However the glitter seems to damage the sponge considerably  Now every time I use it little bits of black sponge stick to my fingers. Not to bad, but for a product of that price I expected more... And that is exactly the big (and to my opinion, the only) down side to it. I find it's hugely overpriced. At nearly 8 euros for 75ml you'd expect it to be liquid gold. For about 250 ml of nail polish remover I paid 2,5 euros and got a second one for free! As I do my nail pretty often and go through my bottles at lighting speed, this is simply to expensive.

Why write a review about it anyway you might think. Well other than the price this thing is pretty amazing. It still smells like a chemistry lesson gone bad when you open the pot, but when your pristine nails come out they smell lovely of fruit and vanilla. It also has almond oil in it an you can feel it. No dry cuticles and nails afterwards. And no super greasy mess either. Perfectly balanced.

So even though this might be nail polish remover heaven in a pot of 14k gold why a review on a budget site? Well for you lovely ladies in Belgium and maybe Holland (don't know for sure) or everywhere they sell Bourjois if this is a Bourjois promo (doesn't really say in the leaflet), this pot is on reduction in Kruidvat. You get 2 euro's off. I think it's about 5 euro's now. I know, still hugely expensive, but I think for girls out there with cuticles like the Sahara or bling lovers this might be worth the investment.

What do you guys think? What are you're experiences with Bourjois dissolvant and in general?
Would you spend that much money on a product like this?

Leave comments, we'd love to here from you guys. We might even have a little reward in the near future :)

Lots of Love

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  1. Urgh, I know, the trains are terrible. :(
    BTW if you want a cheapgood nail polish remover, you should try the Biocura one.
    My mom bought it for me and I was able to use it a grand total of 3 times, before it was lost in my house. I'm still convinced someone swiped it... *shifty eyes* Anyways, once my current remover is all used, I'll prob ask my mom to buy the Biocura one again.