Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wire rings

Hi everyone,

me (Lilly) again. I wanted to try and make some rings myself. At first I thought I would make them with silver clay, but then I realised that the design I wanted would be hard to do with silver clay. Ellenore took me shopping last week and then she suggested to use silver wire. I found silver wire with a copper core.

The first ring I made is the one with the square knot. I need to redo the back of the ring. I just folded the 4 ends of the wire together, but it doesn't look nice. I think I'll need to solder it to have a better finished result. The second one is the rosette ring. I followed a tutorial which explains the steps perfectly. It's really an easy ring to make. You can find the tutorial here: A-Simple-Wire-Ring.

Next time I'll have to use other pliers. As you can see, I used ribbed pliers which leaves small dents in the wire.

If I can find the time I'll post more of these DIY projects.

Hopefully I inspired someone to go try and make these rings themselves :-). They're really easy.


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