Friday, 8 February 2013

Nail polish remover pads

Hi, everyone.

Last time I went to the shop, I was in desperate need of nail polish remover. Unfortunately, they were sold out! But when I looked harder, I noticed that they had aceton free nail polish remover pads. And I thought I would give it a try and share my thoughts.

The thing about these pads is that it takes longer to remove your nail polish, but it makes your cuticles nice and soft instead of dry when using regular nail polish remover. Also the smell is nice. It smells like fruity gumballs. So there will be no more complaints about a bad smell hanging in the house from dads (or boyfriends or husbands). I must say it's a nice plus :-) . Using these pads will make your fingers a bit greasy, which isn't a problem unless you decide to write down a review while still removing nail polish from the other hand. Because when you're done writing, your pen will stick to your fingers :p.
The pads also contain vitamin E. I'm not sure this will actually be absorbed by your nails or cuticles, but if it does, I'm not complaining.

You can find the ingredients of these pads after the jump.

Some of you are probably wondering what the ingredients are of these aceton free pads. I'm going to post them so people can check whether they're allergic to one or more ingredients. Well, here's the list:
- Dimethyl Glutarate
- Dimethyl Adipate
- Dimethyl Succinate
- Parfum
- Limonene
- Tocopheryl Acetate
- Linalool
- Citral

You can find these pads at Aldi. 1 container holds 40 pads and you only need 1 pad to remove nail polish from both hands.


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  1. Nice! Did you try it on a creme polish or a glitter polish?