Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Nail Art | Green to Blue to Black Gradient

Hi sweeties!

The girls and I have been crazy busy with our internships. It's a very exciting time for us, but pretty exhausting, mainly because it means a commute for the three of us, seeing as none of us are working near our home (town). This also means we don't have a lot of day light to take pictures in... :(

Luckily I had pictures of a mani I hadn't showed yet.
After organising my nail polish stash, I noticed a couple of polishes that went together really well, thus the idea for a gradient was born. ;)

I have loads of pictures, because I had trouble deciding which ones to show, so I'll put the rest behind the jump.


Polishes used:
  • I Sea You! by Catrice  (thumb)
  • King of Greens by Catrice  (index)
  • Be Pool by Catrice (middle)
  • After Eight by Catrice (ring)
  • Black Is Back by Essence (pinkie)
  • Million Styles Return of the Spacecowboys by Catrice
  • Quick Dry Topcoat by Essence


I decided to also take some pictures in the sun, and for once they came out fine, so here they are! 
I'm still trying to find a good way of taking pictures, so please bear with me. (I may have gone a little overboard this time XD)

Urgh, this topcoat causes so many bubbles! :( But on the other hand, I really enjoyed I Sea You! I think I'll wear it more often from now on.


The story (sorta)  behind The Terrible Topcoat. A couple of months ago, I dropped my good topcoat (Quick Dry and High Shine by Catrice), losing about 1/3 of the polish, leaving me with virtually nothing, just a goopy mess at the bottom of the bottle. Since then, I haven't gotten a replacement yet, because school's been hectic and then I was a little down in the dumps, so I wasn't really leaving the house much. I've taken this as a sign to make use of my other topcoats, but I don't really like them. My gel top coat from Essence takes forever to dry and my others (also by Essence) give me bubbles. :( I seriously need to buy my beloved Catrice topcoat again.

On an other note (TV!), I just finished the series 1 finale of My Mad Fat Diary! It's soooo good! I just love Rae, even when she annoys me. And FINN!!! What can I say about Finn, he's just perfect. *sigh*
I'm so happy we're gonna get a second series. \o/

Lots of ♥,


  1. I really like this gradient. I haven't tried this myself, because I don't think I have enough polishes in the same range of colours. Maybe I should check if I can make a gradiƫnt with my purple polishes!

    1. Thanks! I like the effect it gives, and it's about the same amount of work as just putting on 1 colour nail polish, so yay!
      You definitely should. ;)