Thursday, 7 February 2013

Camera carrier insert

Hello everyone,

Last year I had been searching the web and shops for a camera carrier insert which would snugly fit and protect my camera when I carry it around in different bags, but with no luck. I found such carriers online ( only simple grey ones), but they were either sold out or they didn't sell them in closeby shops or didn't deliver to where I live. So there was only one solution: Make It Myself! I found a great tutorial on Howjoyful blog. I altered the design because it only needs to fit my camera with lens.

I had some small pieces of Tilda fabric lying around and thought it would be a nice touch to my DIY camera carrier insert. I had barely enough fabric and because of this shortage of fabric, I didn't have enough margin to sew it with the machine, so I had to sew everything by hand .The only big trouble I had was finding foam, which is necessary to protect the camera and gives shape to the carrier. So I bought and cut up piercing pads instead.
It's far from perfect, but I'm sure it will protect my camera just fine.

I'll post some photos of my work in progress after the jump

Cutting the fabric

Pin up fabric

Sewing everything together

Almost done

Small pieces for the handle (added felt for more sturdiness)

As you can see, I'm still a big amateur, but I'm learning!
Next time I'll iron the fabric before cutting, because now it has some wrinkles in it!

Hope you enjoyed my first DIY post!


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