Thursday, 31 January 2013

Oz-mania: Urban Decay

Hi sweeties,

Today I bring you a bit of a different post than usual. You could classify it between a wishlist and a press release.

When I was browsing the internet a couple of days ago, I discovered the Urban Decay Oz palettes: Glinda (soft, pink colours) and Theodora ( earthy, nude colours). I immediately started my search to find more information, but sadly found out that the palettes are both a little over my price range (at $ 49) and not available in my country. I guess it wasn't meant to be... But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the photos. :)

The Glinda Palette

Tornado (vibrant deep purple shimmer), 
Aura (2 shades in 1: iridescent white w/blue shift and iridescent white w/red shift),
Magic (pinkish purple w/golden shimmer), 
Illusion (pale peach satin), 
Oz (2 shades in 1: gold shimmer w/gold glitter and silver shimmer w/silver glitter),
 South (warm pale gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter). 
Eye Pencil: 
deep eggplant. 
Lip Color: 
Glinda (light sheer beige).

The Theodora Palette
Broken (pale cream satin), 
Beware (warm brown matte), 
Bewitch (dark charcoal brown satin), 
West (deep metallic brown), 
Spell (2 shades in 1: black satin w/green and gold shimmer and gold metallic w/tonal glitter), 
Jealous (2 shades in 1: pale green pearl and dark green pearl). 
Eye Pencil: 
Lip Color: 
Theodora (bright red cream).

I personally prefer the Glinda Palette because I have quite a pale, pink-ish skintone, but I think they're both gorgeous and if we're talking about packaging, I like the design of the Theodora palette more.

The main complaints I've read are that the gold of the Glinda palette is quite chunky and that the glitter eyeshadows have some fallout. Seeing as I don't own either of the palettes, I can't confirm or deny this. ;)
But I'll post some links here to reviews I found informative:

Lots of ♥,

Do you own an Urban Decay product? How do you like it?
And is there any product you've been dying to get your hands on, but haven't been able to because of location and/or budget?

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