Saturday, 26 January 2013

KleanColor Sneak Peak

Hello everyone,

As Laure has explained, we had exams and they are finally over! So I thought I'd review another polish from the ZEB KleanColor haul. But unfortunately, because of the snow, my nails are now splitted and chipped :-(. I think it's because of the freezing cold and damp conditions outside and the dry and heated air inside that they started splitting and chipping. We've had a few ice days in a row now, wich hasn't happened for many years.

So I'm not going to review one of my KleanColor polishes, but I will post pictures of which reviews are still to come ;-)

I just had to photograph them outside in the snow :-P

96 Vegas Night by KleanColor

89 Starry Night and 94 Holo Chrome by KleanColor

34 Sparkle Emerald by KleanColor

So these are the polishes I will still review in the future (maybe with some other reviews in between, who knows what I'll buy during the end of discount season :-) )

I hope you enjoyed watching the photos.