Monday, 7 January 2013

Glitter Gallore

Hi Lovelies,

This is another mani I have done a couple of times and each time it comes out a little different. I love glitter polishes. At heart I'm still a little 5 year old who likes everything that sparkles.

This mani is sort of a glitter gradient. I don't use sponges though as I don't really like using them (all that gorgeous polish that is stuck in a sponge and not on my nails)

I tried to take a photo that showed most of the glitter and showed how sparkly they are. It didn't quite work, they are way more shiny in person.

I've used an array of glitter polishes and anything goes really as long as they sort of go together. I've used a lot of the ones  I own but not all of them. I have an essence polish that has big hexes in it and those were simply to large.

These are the ones i used:
Catrice - Have an Ice Day
NYC - Big City Dazzle
H&M - Spark me up
Essence - Glorious Aquarius
Essence - Circus confetti
Kleancolor - Starry Night
Kleancolor - Silver Star
Kleancolor - Aurora
Essence - Carry me home
Catrice - Quick Dry and Shine top coat
Rayher - Effect Glitter and Glitter threads (they don't have an indicator of colour or a name, but pick whatever you like :)

Here's how it's done:

As a base coat I used Essence Carry me home from the Ready For Boarding LE. I have mixed feelings about this one. Sometimes it does the job wonderfully and other times it just won't stay on my nails and peels of after a few minutes.
This time around it seems to be holding up. I've had this mani for 3 days and I've taken 2 long soaky baths and only on one nail the polish let loose. Admittedly I had a crack in it before I took a bath and the water got under the polish that way.

I started of with one of my favourite polishes and that is Catrice Have an Ice Day. I just love that one and when the million styles collection came back I stocked up on it majorly.

Then I layered Big City Dazzle over that but not all the way. I stayed away a little from my cuticles.
Over that I put Spark me up again a little further from my cuticles.

The others I sort of dabbed on with the brush making sure they spread evenly and weren't layered to thick. With the Kleancolor polishes I made sure the stars didn't get onto my nails. They were a little to big in my opinion.

On some nails I dabbed a bit of the Effect giltter and glitter threads.  This is tricky! They are meant for arts and crafts and get every where. The glitter treads come in a bottle that has only a screw on lid and if you're not careful you could end up looking like a Christmas tree with tinselitis (I know lame joke)  for weeks :D

I hope you all had amazing holidays and received many cool and sweet presents an holiday love.

A happy (though a bit late) 2013 from all of us here at Three Girls On A Budget!!!!

Lots of Love



  1. Oh, I love glitter too. The gradient effect works really well. I can't believe all the different polishes you used. I wouldn't have thought about using that many polishes but the result look great (even if they don't shine as much in the picture). And I agree with the sponge, it steals way to much valueable polish.

    I was hoping to stock up on some glitter polishes with the Hugs and Kisses LE from Essence, but they're not going to sell them in Belgium OR the Netherlands. It makes me want to cry!!!! If someone knows anyone in Germany or someplace else where they sell the Essence Hugs and Kisses LE, I'm willing to do a swap.

  2. Urghhhhhhhhh, ikr! The Essence peel-off coat also seems really unpredictable to me. The first time I used it, it was a dream, the second time a nightmare and ever since it's been either great or the worst EVER.