Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nail Art | Diamond Wedding

Today is the diamond (60th!) wedding anniversary of my grandparents, but we already celebrated it Saturday. I wore a celebratory manicure with an diamond accent nail that I'd been wanting to try ever since Nailed It made a tutorial.  This was the perfect occasion!

There are more pictures after the jump. ;)

Nail polish used:
  • Heavy Metallilac by Catrice
  • Full Metal Jacket by NYC
  • Holographic Hero by GOSH
  • Space Queen by Essence
  • Black Is Back by Essence

Heavy Metallilac was perhaps a bit of an odd choice as main colour for this nail art, but I'd recently bought it, so I couldn't contain myself. I had to try it. If I'd do it again, I'd pick a more neutral colour. The real colour of the polish is a bit warmer/redder though, but my camera refused to pick it up.

Hope you like it!

Lots of ♥,

Do you have anyone in your family who's had a golden or diamond wedding anniversary? Did you wear nail art for the occasion?

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