Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nail Art | Diamond Wedding

Today is the diamond (60th!) wedding anniversary of my grandparents, but we already celebrated it Saturday. I wore a celebratory manicure with an diamond accent nail that I'd been wanting to try ever since Nailed It made a tutorial.  This was the perfect occasion!

There are more pictures after the jump. ;)

Oz-mania: Urban Decay

Hi sweeties,

Today I bring you a bit of a different post than usual. You could classify it between a wishlist and a press release.

When I was browsing the internet a couple of days ago, I discovered the Urban Decay Oz palettes: Glinda (soft, pink colours) and Theodora ( earthy, nude colours). I immediately started my search to find more information, but sadly found out that the palettes are both a little over my price range (at $ 49) and not available in my country. I guess it wasn't meant to be... But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the photos. :)

The Glinda Palette

Tornado (vibrant deep purple shimmer), 
Aura (2 shades in 1: iridescent white w/blue shift and iridescent white w/red shift),
Magic (pinkish purple w/golden shimmer), 
Illusion (pale peach satin), 
Oz (2 shades in 1: gold shimmer w/gold glitter and silver shimmer w/silver glitter),
 South (warm pale gray shimmer w/silver micro-glitter). 
Eye Pencil: 
deep eggplant. 
Lip Color: 
Glinda (light sheer beige).

The Theodora Palette
Broken (pale cream satin), 
Beware (warm brown matte), 
Bewitch (dark charcoal brown satin), 
West (deep metallic brown), 
Spell (2 shades in 1: black satin w/green and gold shimmer and gold metallic w/tonal glitter), 
Jealous (2 shades in 1: pale green pearl and dark green pearl). 
Eye Pencil: 
Lip Color: 
Theodora (bright red cream).

I personally prefer the Glinda Palette because I have quite a pale, pink-ish skintone, but I think they're both gorgeous and if we're talking about packaging, I like the design of the Theodora palette more.

The main complaints I've read are that the gold of the Glinda palette is quite chunky and that the glitter eyeshadows have some fallout. Seeing as I don't own either of the palettes, I can't confirm or deny this. ;)
But I'll post some links here to reviews I found informative:

Lots of ♥,

Do you own an Urban Decay product? How do you like it?
And is there any product you've been dying to get your hands on, but haven't been able to because of location and/or budget?

Monday, 28 January 2013

Shopping Spree

Hello everyone,

It's me again. So as predicted, I went on a shopping spree. I'm in a bad mood and it's not getting better. I felt I deserved something for myself and I bought 7 polishes today, 5 of them were on discount though. So enough about me, I'm sure you're all wondering what polishes I actually bought.

C05 Have a Good Day (NEONaturals LE) by Catrice
C02 Natural is Calling (NEONaturals LE) by Catrice

The first coat of these polishes is easy to apply, although they are a bit more liquid than other nail polishes I'm used to. They need at least 2 coats to be opaque, but you get the best result when applying 3 coats. You have to make sure the first coat is really, really dry, otherwise you'll get stripes and then it's not so easy anymore to smooth things out. Have a Good Day looks to be a grey colour with a bit of shimmer when inside the bottle, but when on your nails, it's actually more blue than grey. Natural is Calling has pretty much the same colour inside the bottle as when applied to your nails, only a bit darker.

04 Top of the Ice-Stream (Snow Jam LE) by Essence

At first I wasn't going to buy something from the Snow Jam edition, but considering I still didn't own a white polish, I decided it couldn't do me much harm. I feared it was going to be a gel like substance like the colour and go polish I bought last summer, but luckily it isn't. It's easy to apply and even has small blue glitter in it when you look closely. And it does remind me of the snow outside that melted only a day ago.

02 Circus Confetti (Nail Art Special Effect Topper) by Essence

The plastic nail next to the bottle got 1 coat of Circus Confetti. It's a combination of glitter in different sizes and different colours: blue, pink, silver, green, orange and red. It's a fun top coat for Carnival. I also find it quite easy to spread the glitters with the brush, so if you're not happy with the location of the glitters, you can easily move them.

01 Feels So Good (Re-Mix your Style Love Top Coat) by Essence

Feels So Good is a milky colour topcoat with pink shimmer in it which turns more transparent when dried. You don't really see it in the picture, but it's a really nice effect when you move your nail's in the light. It's a topcoat that will give your nails that little bit of extra when you feel your nail polish is a bit dull.

01 Waking Up in Vegas (Re-Mix your Style Dance Top Coat) by Essence
08 Night in Vegas (Nail Art Special Effect Topper) by Essence

First I found Night in Vegas in the store, but after browsing through the discount bins, I also found Waking Up in Vegas and at first I thought I had found the same polish but with a good discount on it. But when I held both bottles in my hands, I noticed they weren't the same. Although they look the same. So I bought both to compare and indeed, at first sight you would say that they are exactly the same. But, when looking more closely, you can see that the flakes in Night in Vegas are a little bigger. Anyway, I'm glad I have 2 bottles with these flakes, I absolutely love them. I'm wearing them now over Have a Good Day (by Catrice) and it's a match made in heaven ;-) and totally fits my style and personality. When there is no light directly shining on the flakes, they are a dull blue colour, but when light is shining on them, depending on the direction of the light, they shine either a gold colour or a pink colour.

I know I said I wouldn't put on polish because of my chipped and splitted nails (hence the short nails), but I just couldn't wait to try on this combination.

So, I'm a little bit in a better mood now, hopefully it will last a while longer before my state of mind goes to thunderclouds and rain again.

Hope you enjoyed my post,


Saturday, 26 January 2013

KleanColor Sneak Peak

Hello everyone,

As Laure has explained, we had exams and they are finally over! So I thought I'd review another polish from the ZEB KleanColor haul. But unfortunately, because of the snow, my nails are now splitted and chipped :-(. I think it's because of the freezing cold and damp conditions outside and the dry and heated air inside that they started splitting and chipping. We've had a few ice days in a row now, wich hasn't happened for many years.

So I'm not going to review one of my KleanColor polishes, but I will post pictures of which reviews are still to come ;-)

I just had to photograph them outside in the snow :-P

96 Vegas Night by KleanColor

89 Starry Night and 94 Holo Chrome by KleanColor

34 Sparkle Emerald by KleanColor

So these are the polishes I will still review in the future (maybe with some other reviews in between, who knows what I'll buy during the end of discount season :-) )

I hope you enjoyed watching the photos.


Friday, 25 January 2013

Personal | Finally...

Just thought I'd post a little update.
As you may have noticed, we haven't been posting very much lately. This was due to our exams, but they are finally over! So in the future, you can expect a lot more posts from us.

We have some fun things planned (if I do say so myself), so hopefully you'll hear from us soon.

Lots of ♥,

Friday, 11 January 2013

Doctor Who again...

Hi Lovelies,

Even though it's finals time, I couldn't resist doing some nail art. I felt like doing a doctor who one again and started looking around the web for some inspiration. I was incredibly impressed with this video on youtube that featured the weeping angels

Mine didn't look as spectacular as hers and I have to admit I didn't watch the whole video but this is what I ended up with.

The pinkie is supposed to look like concrete but I didn't quite get it right.
I used Catrice London's Weather Forecast and black and white aqrylic paint. One layer of
Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat to protect it against moisture (water makes my bad quality acrylics runny again) and for a shiny finish and I was done

What do you guys think?

Lots of Love


Monday, 7 January 2013

Glitter Gallore

Hi Lovelies,

This is another mani I have done a couple of times and each time it comes out a little different. I love glitter polishes. At heart I'm still a little 5 year old who likes everything that sparkles.

This mani is sort of a glitter gradient. I don't use sponges though as I don't really like using them (all that gorgeous polish that is stuck in a sponge and not on my nails)

I tried to take a photo that showed most of the glitter and showed how sparkly they are. It didn't quite work, they are way more shiny in person.

I've used an array of glitter polishes and anything goes really as long as they sort of go together. I've used a lot of the ones  I own but not all of them. I have an essence polish that has big hexes in it and those were simply to large.

These are the ones i used:
Catrice - Have an Ice Day
NYC - Big City Dazzle
H&M - Spark me up
Essence - Glorious Aquarius
Essence - Circus confetti
Kleancolor - Starry Night
Kleancolor - Silver Star
Kleancolor - Aurora
Essence - Carry me home
Catrice - Quick Dry and Shine top coat
Rayher - Effect Glitter and Glitter threads (they don't have an indicator of colour or a name, but pick whatever you like :)

Here's how it's done:

As a base coat I used Essence Carry me home from the Ready For Boarding LE. I have mixed feelings about this one. Sometimes it does the job wonderfully and other times it just won't stay on my nails and peels of after a few minutes.
This time around it seems to be holding up. I've had this mani for 3 days and I've taken 2 long soaky baths and only on one nail the polish let loose. Admittedly I had a crack in it before I took a bath and the water got under the polish that way.

I started of with one of my favourite polishes and that is Catrice Have an Ice Day. I just love that one and when the million styles collection came back I stocked up on it majorly.

Then I layered Big City Dazzle over that but not all the way. I stayed away a little from my cuticles.
Over that I put Spark me up again a little further from my cuticles.

The others I sort of dabbed on with the brush making sure they spread evenly and weren't layered to thick. With the Kleancolor polishes I made sure the stars didn't get onto my nails. They were a little to big in my opinion.

On some nails I dabbed a bit of the Effect giltter and glitter threads.  This is tricky! They are meant for arts and crafts and get every where. The glitter treads come in a bottle that has only a screw on lid and if you're not careful you could end up looking like a Christmas tree with tinselitis (I know lame joke)  for weeks :D

I hope you all had amazing holidays and received many cool and sweet presents an holiday love.

A happy (though a bit late) 2013 from all of us here at Three Girls On A Budget!!!!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nail Art | Pearl Fields Forever

Hi sweeties.

Today I'm wearing a nail polish combo I'm really enjoying, so I thought I'd share.

I'm wearing:

  • Raspberry Fields Forever by Catrice
  • Million Styles Effect Topcoat Godfather of Pearl by Catrice

The photos don't exactly do it justice, because I wasn't able to capture the real beauty of it. It's not really glitter, but it's not shimmer either, it's kind of in between. I'll call them glimmers. The glimmers are blue and purple, giving it a slightly duo-chromatic appearance. And I wasn't wearing a topcoat for the photos so, as you can see, the glimmers really capture the light. As I'm typing this, I can't stop looking at them. They're just so pretty!

I bought the Million Styles Effect Topcoats months ago, but I've recently seen them in the stores in Belgium again, so if you want this topcoat, you might want to check your local store to see if they have them in stock again. Raspberry Fields Forever is in their permanent collection, so you should have no problems snagging that one. ;) 

Lots of  ♥,