Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn...Part 2


Looks like we are getting the hang of this regular posting thing. First of all I'm still minus my dearly beloved camera so the pictures in this post will not be top notch. Not that they were before but still. I got to borrow my dad's ancient and huge camera so I could take pictures with that. Especially the pictures of my right hand are left to be desired because I had to keep my hand quite far from the camera to get it to kinda focus on my nails and then I still had to press the button.

Anyway what the post is about. Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection. Before I lost my camera I had some pictures ready of the polishes, but sadly I didn't put them on my computer before it got lost.

Since Lilly has posted some amazing Christmas-y pics of the bottles I decided to try and take some swatches of them. I'm not going to describe them as Lilly already did that. I have to say she was right in them not being the easiest polishes to apply. The glitter ones (Jacob, Alice and Edward) tend to not wanting to stick to some parts of the nail on the fist coat. Despite being dark colours and quite goopy gel-like polishes you will need 3 coats to have the nicest outcome although you might get away with 2 thick ones.

First up: Jacobs protection:

 3 coats, about 4 days of wear

Alice had a vision - Again:

3 coats, only just applied. Sorry about my fingers. I have been working with clay and paint these days and my hands are a bit stained and are starting to protest against soaps from cleaning them a bit to much.
The lighting is a bit off in the pic to. Late night, bad bulb. My index finger has the start of some nail art on it. More info at the end of this post.

A piece of forever:

3 coats but 2 would have done. This polish was the one I originally wasn't going to get. I already have quite a lot of gold polishes and all of them were better looking than this one. The swatches also showed it was kinda streaky. All my gold polishes however are glitter of shimmer based. This has a shimmer, but a incredibly fine one, giving the impression of being an almost metallic polish but not really. I feel like is floats somewhere in between. In the end I really love this polish. It isn't by far my favo gold one put it's up there. It's also great for  (as Lilly mentioned) nail art.

Edward's love:

3 coats, 4 days of wear. This is the trickiest to get on camera. It just wouldn't catch the glitter right. Lovely polish. A step up from your classic black.

All in all a very nice collection. I wasn't wild about it when it came out but boy was I wrong. If you can still get your hands on some you should absolutely grab it.

Next post should be a nail art post. Simple, not very advanced stuff that is quite wearable but still a bit funky. I'll have 2 different ones for you. One will have step by step pictures. Hope I've made you a little curious...

Lots of Love


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