Thursday, 20 December 2012

Kleancolor 110 Moondance

110 Moondance by Kleancolor

So, 2nd polish of our Klearcolor haul. This one is 110 Moondance. It’s a black polish with a green shine to it in certain lights. It has both circular and rectangle/string shaped glitter in it.

This polish is still easy to apply, but more liquid than the previous one I reviewed (7 Pearl Silver). So It kind of smudged again. Not as bad as with the essence polishes, but let’s say I had to use my nail polish remover pen.

This one also needs 2 coats to be completely opaque, but what bugs me is the fact that the color of the polish is preventing the glitter from, well, glittering! Apparently you need to use a paper handkerchief soaked in acetone and brush your nails with it to make the glitter shine again. But if you’re in a hurry, or a bit clumsy, you can brush of too much. (I found this tip on

So to sum it up:
The color an sich is rather interesting, because it’s not fully black, but a bit greenish.
The glitter needs a bit more effort to shine.

My rate for this polish is 6/10.

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