Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gallifreyan Nail Art

Hi Lovelies,

I promised you guy a post with a little bit of nail art. Today I finally got round to photographing my design from last week. It stuck all week and I only had minimal tip wear.

This is it. For the whovians among us this might ring a bell. I have a gallifreyan letter of sign or whatever they're called on my thumb and on my fingers I have just a plain colour.

This is what I've used:
NCY- Pier17 (The closest I've come to TARDIS blue. If you guys have any suggestions let me know)
Essence - A Piece Of Forever (twilight breaking dawn collection, as predicted really easy to use for nail art!)

You can see a bit of bubbles, I was a bit inpatient and didn't wait long enough between 2 layers. On my index I have a little blob/bulge kinda thing. I hit my nail against something, don't even know what.

The other design did't survive the week, I'm sorry to say. I also takes a lot longer to do, and I never really got round to finishing it either. I will have another go at it in the future and post about it then.

Hope you guys like it!


  1. You're also gonna have to post the new somewhat tardis blue you've bought ;-)

    1. jup I really is a stunnig blue the new colour, but a bit darker than your standard tardis :P