Saturday, 8 December 2012

Class of 2013, Breaking Dawn, Fantasia & an awesome gift!

Hi everyone. Looks like Stalker_Magnet and I decided to post almost on the same day! So if you want to see awesome nail art, scroll down, like now :-D!

In this post I’ll show you everything I bought since my previous post. I’ll start with the Class of 2013 LE of Essence from oktober. In Belgium (where the 3 of us live) they only had the Wild Craft LE, while in The Nederlands, they had Class of 2013. So one Friday, we decided to get in the car after school, cross the border and drive to the nearest Dutch town to purchase all that we wanted but couldn’t find in Belgium.

01 Blues of Being Cool by Essence
01 College Hero (top coat) by Essence
02 School’s out Forever by Essence

School’s out Forever is a nice grey and needs only 1 (thick) coat of polish to be opaque. And looks fabulous with the College Hero top coat, especially if you apply 2 coats of this glittery polish. The top coat consist of different sizes of silver coloured circular glitter flakes.  I’ll think I’ll combine these 2 to wear on my birthday.
Blues of Being Cool needs at least 2 coats to be opaque, and has a fresh, yet not too bright, blue colour.

These polishes can be easily removed. You can just pull the polish off, sometimes even in one go. I managed to pull it off of almost all of my fingers in one go, and decided to keep the pieces, photograph them and put them on the blog. But before I could photograph them, my mother found them on my desk and thought it was waste to throw in the garbage :-( 

The next polishes are from the Breaking Dawn part 2 LE by Essence.

01 Jacob’s Protection by Essence
02 Alice Had a Vision – Again by Essence
03 A Piece of Forever by Essence
04 Edward’s Love by Essence

I had been looking for these for about 3 weeks, but every shop I entered, they were sold out. Until one evening after school, Ellenora suggested we’d look again in the shop  not so far from school, and guess what, they had restocked. Luckily we arrived when we did, because I was able to buy the last bottles of some of these colours.

I’ll start with Jacob’s Protection, Alice Had a Vision and Edward’s Love. These 3 polishes need 2 to 3 coats to be opaque and I find them quite difficult to apply. They are a bit gel like, and when applying the first coat, some parts of my nails just won’t get covered and I get some sort of stripe like effect.. I don’t know whether these bottles have been opened too much in the shop or if they are just that gel like substance, but I have read reviews of people who didn’t have the problems I have when applying these polishes.
The difference in colour is very subtle. Jacob’s Protection is dark blue with blue and green glitter, Alice Had a Vision – Again is purple with purple, blue and green glitter and Edward’s Love is black with grey/green glitter.  The 3 of them look very nice and have subtle differences. When you’re wearing these colours, at first sight it’s difficult to tell which one’s which, but when looking closer you can see the beautiful detail that these polishes have because of the glitter.

A Piece of Forever is a magnificent gold. The first gold like nail polish I have in my possession.  It applies very easily and is reasonably opaque after 1 coat. It does tend to have stripes, but I’m not bothered by that. This polish looks good on its own, but  looks all the more dazzling when used as detail for nail art.

The next polish is from the recent Fantasia LE of Essence.

I actually promised my mother not to buy any more nail polishes until New Year. But I just couldn’t resist this purple one. On the site of Essence, these limited edition polishes didn’t look promising, but when seeing these in the store they looked beautiful.

01 Elves Like Lilac by Essence

Considering purple is my favourite colour, I just had to buy this one. It’s a stunning bright dark purple with a blue shine (Yes, bright and dark go together ;-) ). The only downside of this polish is that the blue shine you see when looking at the bottle, isn’t that visible when on your nails. When applied to your nails, the blue shine is only visible when looking at your nails closely. I believe it would make this polish even more interesting when this shine would be more visible.
Because this is the polish I’m wearing today, I took a photo of my nails too:

And last but not least, I would like to thank Ellenora for giving me Have an Ice Day of The Million Styles collection of Catrice. It’s the most beautiful top coat I have ever seen. It has these small glitter flakes that reflect easily and have different colours. And because the 3 of us are making a project about nail polish in our postproduction class, the teachers didn’t say anything when I simply started applying this top coat while in class. I believe this top coat can make every polish absolutely stunning, and I will definitely wear this topcoat during the holiday season. And It’s a shame you can’t really see the fabulous effect of this polish in the picture below :-(.

C08 Have an Ice Day, Million Styles Effect Top Coat by Catrice

So Ellenora, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

All I have left to say is have a nice weekend, enjoy the holidays that are coming and I hope you can keep warm this winter (We had the first snow this week).


  1. I love your christmas set-up! It looks awesome!
    The Fantasia collection is so pretty! I'm just in love with all the polishes.
    They have the Million Styles collection in all the stores again, btw. So if you want an extra... ;)

  2. I'm in love with the christmas step-up too! I simply love it!
    No probs on the ice day polish. It is my fave so I stocked up majorly and am very excited to share it with you! I'm thrilled you love it so much.