Friday, 7 December 2012

Nail Art | A (May)day at the Office


As you probably read, Ellenora's camera was sadly lost (and, we think, stolen)...
So I did some nail art and decided to post it to tide you over. ;)

I call this mani A (May)day at the Office because it looks quite bussiness chic, while maintaining that fun (and dare I say a little sexy) side.

On to the photos!
(They're kinda crappy because I'm still figuring out how to take nail pictures and they were taken at 11 at night, so yeah... Sorry!)

The nail on my ring finger got torn, so I had to clip it, but that doesn't stop me from making nail art. I mainly do it when I'm stressed anyway. It's so relaxing.

Items used:
  • Black is Back by Essence
  • Wild Craft Rosewood Hood by Essence
  • Stamp me! white by Essence
  • Stamping  plate by Essence
  • Top coat
  • Rhinestones

Hope you like it!


Laure ♥

PS there's an advent calendar on the Essence site ( and you can win awesome prices every day. Good luck, everyone!


  1. Ooh, I really love the pattern on your ring finger. Did you do that with the stamping plate?

  2. Yep :) It's from the stamping plate that also has the feather and "LOVE" on it.

  3. Really nice one Laure! You are really getting awesome at nail art!

    1. Thanks! I just wish I was better in taking pictures...