Friday, 28 December 2012

Nail Art | Mistleto(e)gether

Hi sweeties,

Sorry for the late post, but the holiday season is a busy one, as we all know. I made this nail art for Christmas, but I only got around to taking pictures today.

I had already picked my dark red and gold polishes, but I had several ideas, so you may get some more nail art with these colours. ;)

As with most of my nail art, it kind of evolved while I was making it. (I'm indecisive like that. Oops.)

I knew I wanted to practise my stamping, especially with non-stamping polishes, but I was kinda unsure about it, so I picked one that had worked out well for me in the past. You might recognise it for my nail art A (May)day at the Office. When I finished that, I felt like something was missing so I put some mistletoe on my ring finger et voilĂ ! Christmas nails!
It's a little busy, but I like it.

I'll put some more pictures and info behind the jump and also some extra shots A (May)day at the Office of in the sun.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmassy hands and feet

Hello everyone,

when I woke up this morning, I just couldn't help myself. I had to have Christmas themed nail art. Considering it's my first serious attempt at nail art, I'm quite happy with the result. It's also the perfect excuse to use one of the new top coats from the Kleancolor haul.

base: 03 Mystic Lilac by Essence
tree: 03 A Piece of Forever by Essence
topcoat: 88 Firework by Kleancolor

So, as you can see, I put a decorated Christmas tree on my thumb :-) . The base is 03 Mystic Lilac from the Essence LE Wild Craft, then I used 03 A Piece of Forever from the Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn LE to fill the tree (I cut the shape of a tree out of paper tape and used it as a stencil to fill the tree) and finally I used the topcoat 88 Firework from the Kleancolor haul to make it look like the tree is decorated. On my other fingers I just used the basecoat and the topcoat. When I took the picture, I noticed my thumb wasn't as shiny as the others, so afterwards, I put "base and top coat" from Kruidvat on top to make it more shiny.

Because I haven't reviewed 88 Firework yet, I'll give you a short description of how I experienced using this topcoat.
It's quite hard to spread the glitter, but then again, this happens with all glitter polishes I think.
It dries rather slowly (I somehow smacked my hand against the table an hour and a half after I put on the topcoat, and some of the topcoat can now be found on the tablecloth instead of my nail)
But overall, It's really nice glitter so I'm giving it a total of 7,5/10 (It would have been an 8 or even 8,5 if it wasn't for the slow drying)

But not only did I do my nails on my hand today, oh no, I went totally Christmas crazy and put some stars on my toe nails as well.

base: 01 Blues of Being Cool by Essence
stars: 03 A Piece of Forever by Essence
topcoat: C08 Have an Ice Day by Catrice
(ps: I apologise for inflicting eye injury by looking at a picture of my toes :p )

I used 01 Blues of Being Cool from the Essence Class of 2013 LE as a base. Again I used the 03 A Piece of Forever from the Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn LE to make the star and put the instant glam C08 Have an Ice Day from Catrice top coat on top to make it even more festive. Even though I probably won't be showing my feet in the next few days (with all the rain falling from the sky and all that), but I just couldn't help myself.

So Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Kleancolor 110 Moondance

110 Moondance by Kleancolor

So, 2nd polish of our Klearcolor haul. This one is 110 Moondance. It’s a black polish with a green shine to it in certain lights. It has both circular and rectangle/string shaped glitter in it.

This polish is still easy to apply, but more liquid than the previous one I reviewed (7 Pearl Silver). So It kind of smudged again. Not as bad as with the essence polishes, but let’s say I had to use my nail polish remover pen.

This one also needs 2 coats to be completely opaque, but what bugs me is the fact that the color of the polish is preventing the glitter from, well, glittering! Apparently you need to use a paper handkerchief soaked in acetone and brush your nails with it to make the glitter shine again. But if you’re in a hurry, or a bit clumsy, you can brush of too much. (I found this tip on

So to sum it up:
The color an sich is rather interesting, because it’s not fully black, but a bit greenish.
The glitter needs a bit more effort to shine.

My rate for this polish is 6/10.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Kleancolor 7 Pearl Silver

Hey everyone,

as promised, here is the first polish of our Kleancolor haul last Friday.

7 Pearl Silver by Kleancolor

It's 7 Pearl Silver, and really, the name says it all. It's really shiny silver. It looks like it has texture, but when you touch it, it feels really smooth and soft even. I find this one very easy to apply, I almost didn't smudge (and this is quite an achievement for me :-) ). The first coat was about 80% opaque, so I applied a second coat for a full opaque result. It dries quickly enough and also hardens at the same time, which is good, considering I can't sit still and always end up with bulges or scratches in my nail polish.
The only negative point I can think of is the smell. It smells even more than my other polishes, but this fades into nothing when looking at the final result.

So, to give this one a rating, it's definitely a 10/10.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Gallifreyan Nail Art

Hi Lovelies,

I promised you guy a post with a little bit of nail art. Today I finally got round to photographing my design from last week. It stuck all week and I only had minimal tip wear.

This is it. For the whovians among us this might ring a bell. I have a gallifreyan letter of sign or whatever they're called on my thumb and on my fingers I have just a plain colour.

This is what I've used:
NCY- Pier17 (The closest I've come to TARDIS blue. If you guys have any suggestions let me know)
Essence - A Piece Of Forever (twilight breaking dawn collection, as predicted really easy to use for nail art!)

You can see a bit of bubbles, I was a bit inpatient and didn't wait long enough between 2 layers. On my index I have a little blob/bulge kinda thing. I hit my nail against something, don't even know what.

The other design did't survive the week, I'm sorry to say. I also takes a lot longer to do, and I never really got round to finishing it either. I will have another go at it in the future and post about it then.

Hope you guys like it!

Friday, 14 December 2012

To be continued ...

Hi everyone,

Ellenore and Lilly here. So, this night was a haul night. We actually went clothes shopping, but ended up buying more polishes than clothes. We bought 20 polishes, yes you read correctly, 20!!!!!!!! We never went this crazy before but couln't just ignore the special offer. Buy 10, get 10 for free and for every polish 50 eurocents go to Meneer Konijn from Q-Music. If you haven't heard about this, it's a really sweet story.

It's about a stuffed pluche rabbit of a little girl called Noa. Unfortunately she was born prematurely and she died only after two months. Her twin sis is doing alright. Her parents wanted to do something and Q-Music picked up on that. Now Meneer Konijn travels the world to collect money to help underprivileged children.

The store ZEB now also supports Meneer Konijn, so if you want to help, go to ZEB and buy all the nail polishes you can carry! Honestly, you really should cause they are absolutely GORGEOUS! As we said we've bought 20 in total, so we couln't possibly show them all in one post, could we ;-) ? But we sure did try, this is our teaser!

So be sure to check our blog, cause post of these polishes will pop up in the coming weeks. We might go quiet around Januari because we have exames, our last ones ever!!! (Yes, we're in our final year)
But after that we will be totally back and post happy :-).

Lots of Love from Ellenore and Happy Holidays from Lilly

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn...Part 2


Looks like we are getting the hang of this regular posting thing. First of all I'm still minus my dearly beloved camera so the pictures in this post will not be top notch. Not that they were before but still. I got to borrow my dad's ancient and huge camera so I could take pictures with that. Especially the pictures of my right hand are left to be desired because I had to keep my hand quite far from the camera to get it to kinda focus on my nails and then I still had to press the button.

Anyway what the post is about. Essence Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 collection. Before I lost my camera I had some pictures ready of the polishes, but sadly I didn't put them on my computer before it got lost.

Since Lilly has posted some amazing Christmas-y pics of the bottles I decided to try and take some swatches of them. I'm not going to describe them as Lilly already did that. I have to say she was right in them not being the easiest polishes to apply. The glitter ones (Jacob, Alice and Edward) tend to not wanting to stick to some parts of the nail on the fist coat. Despite being dark colours and quite goopy gel-like polishes you will need 3 coats to have the nicest outcome although you might get away with 2 thick ones.

First up: Jacobs protection:

 3 coats, about 4 days of wear

Alice had a vision - Again:

3 coats, only just applied. Sorry about my fingers. I have been working with clay and paint these days and my hands are a bit stained and are starting to protest against soaps from cleaning them a bit to much.
The lighting is a bit off in the pic to. Late night, bad bulb. My index finger has the start of some nail art on it. More info at the end of this post.

A piece of forever:

3 coats but 2 would have done. This polish was the one I originally wasn't going to get. I already have quite a lot of gold polishes and all of them were better looking than this one. The swatches also showed it was kinda streaky. All my gold polishes however are glitter of shimmer based. This has a shimmer, but a incredibly fine one, giving the impression of being an almost metallic polish but not really. I feel like is floats somewhere in between. In the end I really love this polish. It isn't by far my favo gold one put it's up there. It's also great for  (as Lilly mentioned) nail art.

Edward's love:

3 coats, 4 days of wear. This is the trickiest to get on camera. It just wouldn't catch the glitter right. Lovely polish. A step up from your classic black.

All in all a very nice collection. I wasn't wild about it when it came out but boy was I wrong. If you can still get your hands on some you should absolutely grab it.

Next post should be a nail art post. Simple, not very advanced stuff that is quite wearable but still a bit funky. I'll have 2 different ones for you. One will have step by step pictures. Hope I've made you a little curious...

Lots of Love


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Class of 2013, Breaking Dawn, Fantasia & an awesome gift!

Hi everyone. Looks like Stalker_Magnet and I decided to post almost on the same day! So if you want to see awesome nail art, scroll down, like now :-D!

In this post I’ll show you everything I bought since my previous post. I’ll start with the Class of 2013 LE of Essence from oktober. In Belgium (where the 3 of us live) they only had the Wild Craft LE, while in The Nederlands, they had Class of 2013. So one Friday, we decided to get in the car after school, cross the border and drive to the nearest Dutch town to purchase all that we wanted but couldn’t find in Belgium.

01 Blues of Being Cool by Essence
01 College Hero (top coat) by Essence
02 School’s out Forever by Essence

School’s out Forever is a nice grey and needs only 1 (thick) coat of polish to be opaque. And looks fabulous with the College Hero top coat, especially if you apply 2 coats of this glittery polish. The top coat consist of different sizes of silver coloured circular glitter flakes.  I’ll think I’ll combine these 2 to wear on my birthday.
Blues of Being Cool needs at least 2 coats to be opaque, and has a fresh, yet not too bright, blue colour.

These polishes can be easily removed. You can just pull the polish off, sometimes even in one go. I managed to pull it off of almost all of my fingers in one go, and decided to keep the pieces, photograph them and put them on the blog. But before I could photograph them, my mother found them on my desk and thought it was waste to throw in the garbage :-( 

The next polishes are from the Breaking Dawn part 2 LE by Essence.

01 Jacob’s Protection by Essence
02 Alice Had a Vision – Again by Essence
03 A Piece of Forever by Essence
04 Edward’s Love by Essence

I had been looking for these for about 3 weeks, but every shop I entered, they were sold out. Until one evening after school, Ellenora suggested we’d look again in the shop  not so far from school, and guess what, they had restocked. Luckily we arrived when we did, because I was able to buy the last bottles of some of these colours.

I’ll start with Jacob’s Protection, Alice Had a Vision and Edward’s Love. These 3 polishes need 2 to 3 coats to be opaque and I find them quite difficult to apply. They are a bit gel like, and when applying the first coat, some parts of my nails just won’t get covered and I get some sort of stripe like effect.. I don’t know whether these bottles have been opened too much in the shop or if they are just that gel like substance, but I have read reviews of people who didn’t have the problems I have when applying these polishes.
The difference in colour is very subtle. Jacob’s Protection is dark blue with blue and green glitter, Alice Had a Vision – Again is purple with purple, blue and green glitter and Edward’s Love is black with grey/green glitter.  The 3 of them look very nice and have subtle differences. When you’re wearing these colours, at first sight it’s difficult to tell which one’s which, but when looking closer you can see the beautiful detail that these polishes have because of the glitter.

A Piece of Forever is a magnificent gold. The first gold like nail polish I have in my possession.  It applies very easily and is reasonably opaque after 1 coat. It does tend to have stripes, but I’m not bothered by that. This polish looks good on its own, but  looks all the more dazzling when used as detail for nail art.

The next polish is from the recent Fantasia LE of Essence.

I actually promised my mother not to buy any more nail polishes until New Year. But I just couldn’t resist this purple one. On the site of Essence, these limited edition polishes didn’t look promising, but when seeing these in the store they looked beautiful.

01 Elves Like Lilac by Essence

Considering purple is my favourite colour, I just had to buy this one. It’s a stunning bright dark purple with a blue shine (Yes, bright and dark go together ;-) ). The only downside of this polish is that the blue shine you see when looking at the bottle, isn’t that visible when on your nails. When applied to your nails, the blue shine is only visible when looking at your nails closely. I believe it would make this polish even more interesting when this shine would be more visible.
Because this is the polish I’m wearing today, I took a photo of my nails too:

And last but not least, I would like to thank Ellenora for giving me Have an Ice Day of The Million Styles collection of Catrice. It’s the most beautiful top coat I have ever seen. It has these small glitter flakes that reflect easily and have different colours. And because the 3 of us are making a project about nail polish in our postproduction class, the teachers didn’t say anything when I simply started applying this top coat while in class. I believe this top coat can make every polish absolutely stunning, and I will definitely wear this topcoat during the holiday season. And It’s a shame you can’t really see the fabulous effect of this polish in the picture below :-(.

C08 Have an Ice Day, Million Styles Effect Top Coat by Catrice

So Ellenora, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

All I have left to say is have a nice weekend, enjoy the holidays that are coming and I hope you can keep warm this winter (We had the first snow this week).

Friday, 7 December 2012

Nail Art | A (May)day at the Office


As you probably read, Ellenora's camera was sadly lost (and, we think, stolen)...
So I did some nail art and decided to post it to tide you over. ;)

I call this mani A (May)day at the Office because it looks quite bussiness chic, while maintaining that fun (and dare I say a little sexy) side.

On to the photos!
(They're kinda crappy because I'm still figuring out how to take nail pictures and they were taken at 11 at night, so yeah... Sorry!)

The nail on my ring finger got torn, so I had to clip it, but that doesn't stop me from making nail art. I mainly do it when I'm stressed anyway. It's so relaxing.

Items used:
  • Black is Back by Essence
  • Wild Craft Rosewood Hood by Essence
  • Stamp me! white by Essence
  • Stamping  plate by Essence
  • Top coat
  • Rhinestones

Hope you like it!


Laure ♥

PS there's an advent calendar on the Essence site ( and you can win awesome prices every day. Good luck, everyone!

Monday, 3 December 2012


Hi lovelies,

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on why my promised posts aren't coming...
Well my camera is missing... I have no idea where it went. I think I might have lost it ( together with my 2 sd cards and all the nail polish pictures)

I have a camera I can borrow but it's a bit crappy. So I don't know when I'll be able to get to you with all the promised stuff.

Just to tempt you guys all the bits and bobs I'm going to review are pretty good quality. Some have even made it onto my absolute favourite can't do without list!

If the camera doesn't show up anytime soon I know what I'll be asking Santa this year...

Lots of Love