Friday, 16 November 2012

Nail Art | Snake It Good

I have a mini haul and nail art for you.
I took these pictures a few weeks ago, but only got around to posting it today.

I went to my local Kruitvat a while back to see if they had any sales and I bumped into two nail polishes and two eyeliners on sale. When I was there, I also grabbed the new stamping plates from Essence, because I just couldn't help myself.

I bought :

  • Lost in the Mud by Catrice
  • Rambo n° 5 by Catrice
  • Cucuba Reggaeton Liquid Eyeliner by Catrice
  • Cruise Control Nautica Gel Eyeliner by Catrice
  • Stamping Plates by Essence

  • Back home, I was so pleased with my purchases, I decided to make a nail art.
    I decided to use the stamping plates, Lost in the Mud and Rambo n° 5.

    The original plan was to make a camouflage leopard nail art, but I feel like it turned out a lot more snake-y. It reminds me of a snake's skin. I actually really like it.

    Polishes used:
    • Lost in the Mud by Catrice
    • Rambo n° 5 by Catrice
    • Just in Case by Essence
    • Top Coat and Base Coat