Monday, 8 October 2012

Welcome, welcome all!


This is our first attempt at blogging. We that is the 3 of us, but for now it's me Ellenore typing.

Short introduction first: (more on our about page :))
We own quite a vast amount of stuff if you consider the short period of time since we started being into makeup and sorts. For example we own a nail polish collection that doesn't seem to fit in 3 individual boxes let alone in 1 collective box, a make up collection that can't be contained by a large number of toiletry bags,  a straitening iron from a girl who dumped it in our hostel room on a trip to London, a teacher called DUUUUUUUUURK who occasionally shouts boobies (Laure in despair:" And now we are definitely not gonna get free stuff") and one of us owns a unusual number of cameras.

We love traveling together with huge danger of getting into an endless shopping spree for make up, polishes and cool local stuff (Like Camden dresses). Our first trip together was a school trip to Rotterdam, our last one was a holiday to London.

We're good friends who still have 6 months of school to get through together before we each try to find our way in the real world. We're students, so tight budget. We study something very fancily called Digital Arts and Entertainment. Basically we're supposed to train how to make games and become technical game artist when we grow up, but nobody told us about that (seriously, nobody did!) We're pretending we're animatiors, 3d artist and 2d artist in progress. Occasionally we might upload some of our work, if we're reaaaaaaly proud of it :P

So as far as first posts go this is mine :D
And I'm very sorry about my chaotic writing style. Laure already said you probably would be able to guess when it's me who's writing! Better make it very clear then :P

Lots of Love

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