Friday, 12 October 2012

Autumn Essence


My first blog message and lots of Essence stuff.
So since it’s my first review, I thought I would review all the products I recently bought.
I’m going to start with the basic nail care products and a corrector:

- On-The-Go nail polish corrector pencil
- On-The-Go nail care pencil
- Studio nails pro white nail hardener

The nail polish corrector pencil is an easy tool for those who easily smudge when applying nail polish. You can be very precise thanks to the fine tip. The pencil comes with 3 spare tips, which is necessary because the tip immediately takes on the colour of the previous removed polishes. (As you can see in the picture)

I like the nail care pencil very much. A few weeks ago I had a summer job that really dehydrated my hands and left me with chipped and peeling nails. So I was pleased when I found this compact pencil with 100% natural oils that rehydrates my nails and cuticles (and I also applied it to the tips of my fingers to soften the skin). Even after the first time I used it I saw improvement. It gives your nails a nice shine, your nails look much more healthy and the oil smells nicely too. The pointy tip makes it very easy to apply. Because of the pencil like shape, it fits nicely into any woman’s bag ;-) 
Some good advice: don’t go petting any animals that lose fur before the oil has been absorbed into the nail. You’re sure to be left with hair that sticks to the oil. :-)

I bought the pro white nail hardener because of the chipping and peeling of my nails and also because I wanted to see what the effect would be of a whitening polish. It dries and hardens rather quickly and has a light blue glow. The blue glow is probably for immediate anti-yellowing of the nail. It also has a nice shine when completely dried and no more chipping, peeling or torn nails occurred. It stayed on my nails for over a week and then I put colour on my nails without removing the pro white nail hardener. It fits as a good base coat too. So mission completed!

And last but not least, I tried 2 of the Limited Edition Wild Craft nail polishes.
I bought “02 out of the forest” and “03 mystic lilac”.
I bought these colours because these are colours that you most likely can find in my wardrobe.
Out of the forest is a blue-green shade and mystic lilac is a purple-bordeaux kind of colour. The polish dries quickly and also hardens fast, which isn’t the case with the (new) gel polishes of Essence. You can put 1 thick coat on and you’re done. It doesn’t really need a finishing top coat as these polishes already have a nice looking shine to them (unless you want to avoid chipping of for a longer period of time). Both are very autumn-y colours and look dark at first sight, but when you apply them they don’t seem as dark as you’d think. I’m not a big fan of dark nail polishes (I don’t think it suits my nails very well) but I must admit that they both now fit my top 3 list of nail polish colours. These colours fit so good together that I use them both alternately on each finger.

(sorry for my wrinkly hands but I have small hands and it was quite difficult to hold both polishes and show my nails to the camera!)


  1. I can only agree with what Lilly wrote! I have a few of the products as well and I'm just a big a fan of them as she is.
    I've had the nail care pencil I think for the best part of 6 months (maybe more) and I absolutely can't do without it. The smell is amazing. Even though it's supposed to be the other pencil from essence, the nail cuticle softener pencil (which I also own) that has apricot oil in it, I find the nail care pencil smell faintly of apricots. It's a very subtle smell but very pleasant.
    The other product that is also in my collection is the Wild Craft LE 03 mystic Lilac polish. I was in doubt for a while but in the end I decides I was going to buy it and I haven't regretted it. It's everything Lilly said in her post! I find the polishes are even more shiny in real life than in the picture. Simply stunning

    And yay for Lilly's first post! You go girl!!!!!

    1. It's thanks to you that I bought the nail care pencil.
      Thanks for letting me borrow it the other day.

  2. I love the pictures you took! They look great. It's obvious you're the photographer ;)

    1. I also took a behind the scenes photo. I might post it one day :-)